Magnetus Chess

We are a company located in Massachusetts, United States, dedicated to the handcrafted manufacturing of self-adjusting chess sets. Launched in 2019, Magnetus Chess has since continued to develop high-quality, functional products.

The Magnetus Chess set was created by Sophie, a chess enthusiast and a craftswoman. Sophie likes playing blitz (fast games), but she has always struggled with the fact that the pieces inevitably go into disarray, as there is no time to adjust them into the center of the squares.  She noticed the same problem even where super Grand Masters are involved in elite blitz tournaments, which she usually watches live. When pieces go into disarray, Sophie not only gets confused, but also finds it aesthetically unpleasant, both as a player and as a viewer. Frustrated with this, Sophie applied her craftsmanship and ingenuity to create Magnetus Chess sets. It was too much fun to ever look back.