The First Self-Adjusting Chess Set in the World

Tired of adjusting the pieces toward the center of the square?

Irritated by the disarray of your opponent's pieces?

Magnetus Chess solved one of the most vexing problems in over-the-board playing.

Pieces centered on every square all the time.

Pieces resist pushing and knocking down.

A tidy chessboard avoids confusion and increases the viewer’s enjoyment.

You gain your time back by not having to adjust the pieces time and again.

Change the way you play chess

Watch Magnetus Chess in action in a bullet-speed chess game

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Once you try a Magnetus Chess set, you will never go back!

Three Styles

The Granite set is sublime. With a granite-rock look this set is ideal for personal study and display. You are sure to impress your friends and visitors!

The Tournament set meets FIDE and USCF tournament regulations. This set is ideal for playing at your local club or at home. This set comes with a beautiful chess board made of walnut and maple.

The Royal set is stunning and ideal for personal study and display. You are sure to stun your friends and visitors! Visit the gallery to get a closer look.