Royal Chess Set

The Royal set is stunning and ideal for personal study and display. You are sure to stun your friends and visitors!


The chess set is handmade. The pieces and the board have strong magnets to ensure that the pieces are always centered on the squares. The pieces are made of durable resin painted with metallic gold and dark bronze paints with a clear coat finish. The king measures 3.75 inches high. Pieces are heavy weighted (the king weights 60 grams or 2.12 oz), contain strong magnets, and are felted at the bottom. The board is made of high-quality Baltic birch plywood, with squares measuring 2 inches or 51 mm per side. The overall dimension are 17.25 inches per side. The board has strong magnets in the center of each square and is required for the self-adjustment of the pieces. The dark squares are stained and the edges are made of oak hardwood. The board is finished with durable varnish (felt pads are placed at the bottom to prevent scratching of surfaces). Overall weight is 10 lb.

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